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Get Placed with Our Funding 50K Dollar or 25K Dollar Live Account Without Challenge and Start Making Profit.

Maxay Qabata Goldstarlive? (Somali)

Hadii Aadan Heysanin Lacag Aad u badan Ama Lacag Kugu Filan, si aad Suuqa Forex uga Shaqeysatid, Shirkada Goldstarlive Ayaa Idiin Sahleysa Imtixaan la’aan 25 Kun ama 50 Kun oo Dollar, si aad Fa’ido uga Heshid.

Dadka ugu Aqoonta Badan suuqa Forex waxay Raadiyaan 5% ilaa 20% Bishii, Taas oo Micnaheedu yahay in aad u Baahantahay Capital Weyn , Si aad Suuqa Forex uga Fa’ideeysatid.
Profitka waxa loo Qeybsanyaa 50/50, Iyada oo ay kuugu soo Dhaceyso Mobilkaaga ama Local Bankiyada.

FG: Account ay ku jirto 50 Kun oo Dollar hadii aad Maalinkii 1% Korisid Bishii waxay lamid tahay 20%, Taas oo aad Sameneysid lacag dhan 10Kun Profit ah, Waxaad leedahay 5 Kun Dollar.
Accountiga 50 ka Kun waxa uu dhinac waliba ka jaanis wacanyahay mid 25Kun .


Monthly Price $335
Monthly Price $144,99

About Us

Goldstarlive is a revolutionary proprietary trading solution. Goldstarlive has years of industry knowledge, we are on active trading firm which understands the needs of traders in the market. As all funding is provided by the firm, traders do not risk any of their own trading capital.

Trading Capital

We offer $50,000 or $25,000 to start trading forex market with

Trading Profit

Traders are compensated on a profit split basis 50/50


-Maximum earnings -No deposits, No Challenge -No more Fear of losing your Money -Regular Payouts (Via Local Payment and Mobile) Regular Payouts (Via Local Payment and Mobile)

How It Works

4 Easy Steps

Fx Market Trader

All professional traders start with a $50K trading book, regardless of their background, experience or track record. We give all our traders an equal opportunity to prove themselves as a profitable trader. Profit withdrawals of 5% blocks are independent from the growth targets of 10%.

Elite Fx Trader

If you can make a 10% return on your $50K trading book, growing your account to $55k we will double your initial funding to $100k or $105k net. The 10% amount of $5k must be maintained in the account and may not be withdrawn. This is independent of any 5% profit withdrawals. Traders have to separately maintain the 10% for the growth target.

Fx Analyst Trader

If you can make another 10% return on your $100K trading book – growing your account to $115k net, then we will double your account value once again, up to $200k, or $215k net. Again, the $15k amount must be kept in the account

Senior FX Analyst

For the final stage, you must make 10% once again on your $200K trading book, giving you a net of $235k. If you can succeed here we will allocate $1Million to you and and Free

Why Choose Us?


Wе have live chat ѕuрроrt in Sоmаlі and Englіѕh


You can start Today without Challenge and Demo


Our Investors Will Deposit for you


Profit Payout will be on any Local payment like Mobile Wallet, EVC or Bank Transfer


You are not Liable for any Loss


You will get a big Capital to Trade With


Wе ѕреаk уоur lаnguаgе